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About Linda


Linda has an MBA specialising in dispute resolution and is a licensed coach with Growth Coaching International. 

She has worked in the education sector with teachers, school staff, parents and parent organisations for almost 2 decades.



Linda is an experienced presenter and speaker specialising in conflict management, generational differences, and parent engagement.  Over the years she has negotiated hundreds and hundreds of parent issues.

About Linda


Linda's passion is working with parents, teachers and students to give them the tools and confidence to get the best out of their relationships. She believes that it all starts at hello!  




Linda is a licensed coach with Growth Coaching International.  She specialises in working with teachers and other practitioners for optimal work/life cohesion.



Linda has a number of bespoke workshops available for schools, teachers and business professionals.  Look under Schools, Parents or Business in the tab above to find the one that suits you.



A popular presenter, you can book Linda for your next conference or workplace event to speak on topics such as parent engagement, generational differences, work/life cohesion and 'the beauty of conflict'.


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Linda is eager to begin working with you to improve your home/school/teacher/parent relationships now.  So tell us  more about what you're looking for, so we can start building better connections now.

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