Difficult Conversations


Rationale for the Course


Recent statistics tell us we are losing a significant proportion of teachers in the first 5 years of their profession. We also know that the rate of bullying and abuse of school staff far exceeds that experienced in other professions. (ACU Survey of Principal Wellbeing by Philip Riley). Therefore it is critical that principals, teachers especially new teachers are given skills to manage their relationships with parents/carers. This will also lead to improved learning for students when parents and the school work in greater collaboration. 

Objectives of the Course


 This course is designed to assist participants gain a greater understanding of the parents/carers. It provides the skills and techniques for managing difficult conversations through active participation. Participants will learn the context, skills and processes that promote positive and respectful relationships with parents/carers which leads to better learning outcomes for students due to increased understanding and collaboration. There are activities designed to build empathy in participants as well as giving them the skills to manage difficult conversations. Participants will learn practical skills around active listening, anger management, body language, open questioning to promote respectful relationships with parents that are respectful and collaborative around their children’s learning and wellbeing

What People are saying

Thank you Linda for an engaging and practical workshop that listened to our needs in difficult conversations.

Insightful, practical, enabled contributions from the group - real life situations addressed.